Will Etela Rajender Revolt Against KCR?

Will Etela Rajender rebel against the TRS leadership? At least this is what the BC organisations across Telangana want him to do. The BC organisations are said to be egging Etela Rajender to raise a banner of revolt against the TRS leadership. They feel that numerically powerful and politically influential BCs are being given a short-shrift by the TRS leadership.

In fact, Etela has been sulking of late He has been divested off the influential post of finance minister and has been given the health ministry. But, even in the health ministry, he writ does not run. A couple of officials on deputation are calling the shots. He is not getting any funding even for the health schemes that are very important due to Covid 19 situation. Sources said that Etela was one of the strongest opponents of KTR being made the CM. It is being said that it is due to his open opposition that KCR had a change of heart and announced that he will remain the CM for ten more years.

Sources say that the Mudirajs, the community that Etela belongs is deeply unhappy at these developments. They are a powerful block in Medak, Mahabubnagar and parts of Karimnagar. Even other BC communities like the Munnuru Kapus and the Yadavs are unhappy at the way their leaders are being treated in Telangana. They are all now trying to impress upon Etela to revolt. But, will Etela revolt? Let's wait and see.
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