AP, Telangana complete in private borrowings: RBI report

oth Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring Telangana are among the states that are at the top  of the table in terms of private lending. While AP is in the 4th position with a borrowing of Rs 44250 crore, while Telangana is in the sixth position with a borrowing of Rs 36354 crore. However, Maharashtra tops the list with Rs 65000 crore private borrowing.

The AP Government has used the special drawl facility for 30 days, while it availed borrowing for 26 days and overdraft for three days.  The Telangana government too did not lag behind in this respect. The government availed special drawing facility for 28 days, borrowings for 20 days and overdraft for 13 days.  Availing all the three facilities together speaks about the seriousness of the states’ financial status.  The total amount of borrowings from private markets in 2020-21 is of the order of Rs 555852 crore. The AP government exceeded the permissible limit for lending and took 4.3 per cent more loans. The Telangana has used 98.45 per cent. Most states were hard hit by the Corona lockdown which brought economic activity to a grind halt and forced them to borrow.

Here are the details of the private loans taken by AP and Telangana


AP in crores of Rs

Tesangana in crores of RS







2020-21 (Till December(



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