Is TRS pushing out Jupally from party?

Former minister and TRS leader Jupally Krishna Rao is finding himself fish out of water in the ruling TRS. Ever since he lost the assembly elections in 2018, he is facing problems within the TRS. His arch rival Harshvardhan Reddy, who defeated him in 2018, has joined the TRS. Since then, he has emerged as the pointsman for the party.

As a result, the importance of Jupally has diminished considerably. Reddy is trying to weaken his group and is adopting a partisan attitude in organisational matters. Only those close to him are getting contracts and party posts. As a result, Jupally's supporters are left in the lurch. There is a disquiet among them. In  a shocking turn of events, Harsh Vardhan Reddy did not issue even a single membership book to the Jupally faction. This means that the Jupally faction will not have many party members. This will show him in poor light and will further lessen his importance in the party. The Jupally faction feels that this is an attempt to edge him out of the party.

The TRS membership drive is turning out to be quite a dampener. The enthusiasm is unmistakably missing. In some places, intense groupism in the TRS is proving to be a big hindrance. Sources say that Jupally is a highly disillusioned man these days and is actively considering quitting the party.
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