More KCR Statues Than Prof Jayashankar in memorial garden

The ruling TRS in Telangana is coming under severe criticism over the way in which the memorial for Telangana movement's chief ideologue Prof. Jayashankar is being readied up. The biggest criticism is that there are more idols of KCR and KTR rather than those of Jayashankar in the memorial garden which is being constructed in Warangal.

Sources say that there are only three statues of Prof Jayashankar in the whole garden while there are more statues of KCR. Even when there is an image of Prof.Jayashankar, it is usually overshadowed by KCR and sometimes even by KTR. Several citizens are questioning the role of KTR in the Telangana movement. They say he is a late entrant and his contribution is minimal. They are also pointing out that it is because of the contribution of Prof. Jayashankar that KCR could build up the movement for Telangana. Several people point out that several leaders of the Telangana movement, who were part of the initial campaign are also not to be seen in the frescos. The role of leaders like Prof. Kodandaram and others has been completely obliterated, they claim.

Prof Jayashankar was the chief ideologue of the movement for a separate Telangana. He had worked hard to build an ideological basis for the movement. It was his intellectual inputs that helped KCR to raise key issues during the movement.
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