Fittings Worth Rs 550 Crore Stolen From incomplete 2BHK houses

The 2BHK housing is turning out to be a huge millstone around the neck of the TRS leaders. Several promises and assurances notwithstanding, the housing scheme is far from completion. A lot of works are lying pending and all efforts to complete the works have proved futile. There was an assurance from the TRS that one lakh houses in the GHMC area would be handed over before the GHMC elections. But, it turned out that neither were there one lakh houses in the GHMC area nor were they completed.

But now, an entirely new problem is dogging the government. With the 2BHK complexes lying incomplete and the contractors literally abandoning the works till they get their payments, there is a problem of theft and pilferage. The electrical wiring, electrical plugs, sockets, doors, bathroom fittings and taps are being stolen big time. According to an estimate, fittings and wirings, including transformer copper wire, worth Rs 550 crore were stolen. Such thefts are reported from Hafeezpet and Dundigal complexes. According to officials, due to non-payment of the arrears to a tune of Rs 1500 crore, the contractors have withdrawn the security personnel from the site. Moreover, the labourers are also left with no work. The biggest problem is that it is the GHMC which has to bear the cost of the fittings.

As many as one lakh 2 BHK houses are being built with 4000 houses in each of the 24 complexes at a cost of Rs 9700 crore. The TRS government has promised to complete them before the GHMC elections. However, they would take at least few more months to complete.
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