Will Sitting MP Allow Another Tribal leader's entry into BJP?

To take in or not to take in  ... this is the biggest dilemma before the BJP today in Adilabad. In the undivided Adilabad district, several tribal leaders are now moving towards the BJP. They find that the BJP is a rising sun and feel that by joining the BJP, they can have a better political career.

But, this is leading to lot of problems. For instance,  senior and powerful tribal leader Ramesh Rathod is now all set to join the BJP. He has already come out of the Congress, which has suspended him from the party on grounds of indiscipline. But, Ramesh countered them saying that he was never a member of the Congress in the first place and that there was no question of his removal when he is not even a member. He has now held several meetings with the BJP leaders and is all set to join the BJP. But, herein lies the catch. Adilabad BJP MP Soyam Bapurao is said to be staunchly opposed to Ramesh Rathod’s joining. Though there is no open opposition, he is said to be pulling levers to prevent him from joining the party.

Ramesh Rathod wants to contest either for the Khanapur assembly constituency or for Adilabad Lok Sabha seat. Even Bapurao represents Adilabad. So, there is a tussle between both Bapurao and Rathod. Sources close to Rathod say that he is likely to join the BJP any time.
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