NDA Alliance in Bihar to provide free Covid-19 vaccines across the state

The union government has launched the second phase of the nationwide Coronavirus against the novel Coronavirus on March 1st. Along with the government facilities, the private hospitals were also made a part of the vaccine drive. The government fixed the vaccine dose price at Rs 250.

However, the Bihar government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced that the vaccine doses will be provided free of cost in government hospitals and private hospitals as well.

It has to be noted that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) alliance in Bihar made it to power in the Assembly elections by winning 125 out of the 243 Assembly seats. BJP and Janata Dal (United) have promised to offer free vaccination if they were elected to power.

When the opposition parties have found fault with the alliance for doing politics with the vaccine, the alliance backed the political promise and said, it's the decision of the government on whether to provide the vaccine free or not.

Keeping the election promise, the Nitish Kumar government has decided to make the vaccine doses available at free cost across the medical facilities in the state, both government and private hospitals.

The vaccine doses will be provided free across the state. The free medicines will be made available at the private and corporate facilities as well. The state government will take care of the vaccines, the CM said.

The nationwide vaccine drive was started across the States and Union Territories on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the first dose of the vaccine at Delhi AIIMS. He will be administered the second dose after 28 days.
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