Cops found a new way to look for Covid-19 guidelines violations at functions, events!

The ongoing Coronavirus has changed the way, the world operates. From maintaining social distance outdoors to wearing a face mask and using hand wash and sanitisers, many things have changed.

However, the public started taking the Coronavirus pandemic lightly with the fresh infections coming down. As a result, India saw a rise in fresh infections, and new lineages of the pandemic were also detected in the country.

Two new strains of the pandemic were detected in Maharashtra, following which lockdown restrictions were imposed in a few regions in Maharashtra. However, fresh infections continue to rise in the state.

This forced the governing civic body of Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) to keep a close vigil on the function halls and other gatherings whether the Covid-19 rules are followed or not.

In the last week, the Mumbai Police booked not less than ten people at various function halls for flouting the Covid-19 guidelines. The function halls were also closed by the cops reportedly.

To see that Covid-19 guidelines were not floated, the Mumbai [Police decided to visit the function halls and other gatherings in civil dress. If they find any violators, they will be booked.

The cops will have a close look at the count of invitees for the functions. If more than 50 persons were invited and anyone at the function violates the guidelines they will be booked along with the organizers of the events.
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