Japanese government adds Ministry of Loneliness in the cabinet to counter suicide rates

Loneliness and depression among individuals is a serious issue. But sadly, almost all th nations don't consider it as an issue and often bats a blind eye towards it. Several types of research have found out that loneliness and depression trigger suicidal thoughts.

Japanese, which is known for its innovation came forward to tackle the suicide rates in the nation by appointing Minister of Loneliness. This is the first time, Japan brought such Ministry.

However, Japan is not the first nation to come up with such an idea. Back in 2018, the United Kingdom has launched Minister for Loneliness and a Loneliness Strategy to tackle suicide thoughts, the first of its kind across the globe.

Tetsushi Sakamoto took charge as the first Minister for Loneliness in Japan. He was appointed by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. The new Minister was also given the task of controlling the falling birth rate in the country.

In his first press conference as Loneliness Minister, Tetsushi Sakamoto said, he was given the responsibility of tackling the suicide rates, especially the rise in women's suicide rate with the pandemic effect.

Japan has decided to add the Ministery of Loneliness after the nation registered not less than 880 female suicides in October 2020. Compared to October 2019, the suicides had gone up by 70 percent.

Women in Japan are more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts as a major share of women is unmarried. Many of them have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, which added more trouble to them. With all these issues, they are taking the extreme step, media reports claimed.
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