Chandrababu's Security Is The Biggest Problem

Is excessively heavy security cordon around Chandrababu Naidu turning out to be his biggest problem? Is this security playing spoilsport and is preventing the ordinary workers from getting closer to Chandrababu and explain things?

During Chandrababu's recent Kuppam tour, several local TDP workers were pushed away by the security personnel around Chandrababu when they tried to get closer to Chandrababu. Peeved by the security personnel's misbehavior, several workers had openly protested and chanted slogans. Some even went to the extent of leaving the venue in a huff. They came back only after the local leaders cajoled them. Chandrababu being excessively finicky over his security is only making the matters worse. Many workers protested the brash behavious of the security personnel.

TDP sources feel that Chandrababu too must have a security system on the lines of YS Jagan. Jagan's security during the padayatras was unobtrusive yet effective. A three-layered security always protected Jagan during the padayatra but it did not cause any inconvenience to the crowds that milled around Jagan .
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