Is Lokesh imitating Vijaysai Reddy?

Imitation, if gone wrong, can produce disastrous results. And TDP's young boss Lokesh is learning this fast. Ever since the TDP lost power, Lokesh Babu has been active on the social media. But, instead of carving a niche for himself, Lokesh is trying to ape YSRCP senior leader V Vijaysai Reddy.

Vijaysai has developed a distinctive style of tweeting which is laced with laconic sarcasm and wit. His tweets evoke light-hearted banter, but are also incisive. Lokesh, it appears is trying extremely hard to be like Vijaysai while tweeting. He too is trying to dip his words in sarcasm. But, the experiment is going awry on most occasions. His recent tweets on panchayat elections are a case in point. “For not being able to find suitable candidates from YSRCP to contest in Municipal Elections, they have threatened and lured TDP candidates to contest on behalf of them. Jagan's party is so useless that it couldn't find candidates for Palasa and Rayadurgam. This was followed up by another tweet wherein he said thus: “They couldn't dare to come out from Tadepalli knowing that people would beat them. YCP candidates couldn't dare to reach the public to ask for votes. They have threatened and made unanimous elections.”

Instead of provoking mirth, these tweets are ending up as jokes. If the YSRCP MLAs are afraid of facing the voters, how are they threatening them and are demanding them to go in for unanimous election, the netizens are asking. Let Lokesh appoint a better tweet writer now, they are commenting.
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