Meet ten-year-old BJP poster boy

Know who is the latest poster boy of the BJP in Telangana? It's an eight year-old boy called Narasimha. This boy is now the cynosure of all eyes in the BjP. The other day, this minor boy attended the public meeting addressed by MP Dharmapuri Aravind at Banswada. The boy passionately reacted to whatever the MP said and chanted full throated slogans.

His video has gone viral among the netizens. The minor boy's cute mannerisms and gutsy sloganeering has caught the attention of the BJP biggies in Telangana. On known about him, MP D Aravind invited the boy to his home and had lunch with him. These photos went viral too. Soon after, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay too took notice of the boy. On Sunday, the boy was invited to Telangana state BJP office, where he was feted. He was gifted new clothes. Sanjay had lunch with him and then took a selfie with him. Sanjay assured the boy and his parents that MP Aravind will take care of the education of the boy. Needless to say, even these photos went viral on the social media.
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