Inscription of Sri Krishnadevaraya's death date found in Karnataka!

The legendary ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire, Sri Krishnadevaraya is considered as one of the greatest kings of the country. By defeating several kings, he established himself as the greatest Hindu leader.

Despite having roots in Karnataka, Sri Krishnadevaraya is a celebrated king in the Telugu land as well. He was widely regarded as Andhra Bhoja for endorsing Telugu literature. He even composed  Amuktamalyada, an epic Telugu poem.

Rubbishing contradictory information on death date, it is said that an inscription on Sri Krishnadevaraya's death date was found in a temple in Karnataka's Tumakur district.

The inscription that was found on a black stone at the Gopala Krishna Temple stated that the great emperor breathed his last on October 17, 1529.

After retired Professor K R Narasimhan and his associate K Dhanpal discovered have discovered the inscription, experts from the Directorate of Epigraphy, Mysore visited the site to examine the inscription.

Talking about the inscription, K R Narasimhan said, with this, we got information on the exact death date of the great leader and this also proves that yonder brother of Sri Krishnadevaraya, Achyuta Devaraya was coronated four days after his brother's death.
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