Will Ghulam Nabi Azad Join BJP?

Is Congress stalwart Ghulam Nabi Azad all set to join the BJP? Those in the know say yes. Ghulam Nabi, who has recently retired from the Rajya Sabha and has not been re-nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the Congress leadership slowly but surely moving towards the BJP. The red carpet welcome that he got at a government programme is an indication, they argue.

Azad and Sonia Gandhi do not share best of the relations. Ever since Azad demanded internal democracy within the Congress, he has become a persona non grata for the Congress leadership. The party has refused to renominate him to the Rajya Sabha. Both PM Narendra Modi and Ghulam Nabi became very emotional during Azad's farewell from the Rajya Sabha. Since then, rumours are doing rounds that Azad could join the BJP. Recently at a government-sponsored Mushaira, red carpet was rolled out for Ghulam Nabi Azad. He was treated like he was a part of the government. Also, a cutout of Ghulam Nabi was also placed at the venue.

If Ghulam Nabi joins the BJP, it would be a huge loss for the Congress Party. Azad is the tallest Muslim leader for the Congress. His importance has grown especially after the demise of Ahmed Patel. Losing him to the BJP could make a great difference for the Congress, sources say.
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