In Kuppam, TDP Workers Want Junior NTR

Now, this is called adding insult to injury. One might even call this rubbing salt into a wound. Otherwise how would one explain the demand for bringing back actor Junior NTR into the TDP? Consider this. The demand was made right in Kuppam, borough of Chandrababu Naidu and right in his presence.

On Friday, a rattled Chandrababu toured his constituency Kuppam in the wake of the severe drubbing the party got there. Kuppam is Chandrababu's constituency and he has been representing it for the past seven terms on trot. Losing Kuppam in the recent panchayat elections has rattled Chandrababu. So, he rushed to to Kuppam to talk to the voters. But shockingly for him, the TDP supporters demanded that Junior NTR be brought in to save the party. This has further rattled Chandrababu. He was speechless. The party workers said that only NTR can save the party. This meant that they have no trust in Lokesh.

Interestingly, it was for promoting Lokesh that NTR, who could emerge as a competitor, was edged out of the party. In fact, NTR had actively campaigned for the party in the 2009 elections. His speeches had got rousing reception. However, he was slowly sidelined in the party. Even when his sister Suhasini contested from Kukatpalli in 2018, NTR remained neutral and did not campaign for her.
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