Gunasekhar's Ambitious Project ToStart Rolling From March!

After taking some gap, passionate director Gunasekhar is coming up with arn mythological film titled 'Shaakunthalam'. The film is making good buzz rnever since its announcement and star heroine Samantha Akkineni is rnplaying the title role. Mani Sharma is the music composer for this rnpan-Indian project.

Talk in tinsel town is that 'Shaakunthalam' rnwill start rolling from 15th March and it is produced by Gunasekhar rnhimself. Apparently, a giant set is currently being built at the studio rnin Hyderabad and it is going to be a long schedule. Telugu girl Eesha rnRebba and Dev Mohan, a Malayalam hero having come on board for this rnproject.

As we all know, Shaakunthalam is a part of epic Indian rnmythology Mahabharatham. The film is made on a high budget which rninvolves Gunasekhar mark sets and a lot of CGI work. The film is rnexpected to come out during the early months of 2022. Let us wait till rnwe know more about the technicians and cast members.

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