Young Heroes Relying Heavily On Six Packs For Mass Appeal!

Developing a six-pack body and flaunting it in movies used to be a big trend a couple of years back. After a certain time, it vanished and heroes took their shirt off only if it was absolutely necessary. But it seems like some young heroes are trying to bring that trend back.

They are believing that sport a six-pack look will bring them a mass image. Let us take young hero Naga Shaurya for example. He scored some good hits with romantic films and earned a lover boy image. But the 'Aswathama' hero wanted a mass hero image and started doing action entertainers which backfired. He worked very hard and attained a muscular look. He is flaunting it every time he gets a chance.

His last film 'Aswathama' was rejected by the audience as it had a lot of fight sequences that weren't required. Now, he is coming up with 'Lakshya' and right from the first look, he is appearing shirtless. Despite being a sports drama, this film was also made with an action backdrop. Let us see if Shaurya's attempt works out this time at least or not.
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