Court asks Police For Evidence To Prove Disha Ravi's Link With Jan 26 Violence!

Bengaluru-based activist Disha Ravi has moved the Court with a bail petition. The court heard the petition of the activist and during the hearing, the court asks the cops for the evidence.

During the arguments, the police told the court that the toolkit was not just a toolkit and there was a plan to defame India and create unrest. They alleged that the activist was a part of the conspiracy to defame India.

The Police also claimed that she has pro-Khalistan links and claimed that she has deleted all WhatsApp chats, emails, and other pieces of evidence.

Judge Dharmendra Rana has sought evidence from the cops that connects the activists to the violence that broke out on January 26 and questioned can the doubts of the police can be seen as evidence.

The police argued that the bail can be denied if the accused tries to tamper with the evidence and alleged that Mrs. Ravi has tampered with the pieces of evidence. They said that devices, she used have been sent to FSL experts and the reports are awaited.

Disha Ravi's counsel during the court has countered the arguments of Additional Public Prosecutor Irfan Ahmad and said having a difference of opinion cannot be considered as sedition.

She rubbished the allegations of pro-Khalistan links of Ravi and said, the activist sought Thunberg's support for farmers' agitation and she has not tweeted for Khalistan.

The Delhi police sent the 22-year-old climate activist to three-day judicial custody. The police alleged that the activist is part of a conspiracy to defame India.
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