Fans Take A Dig At Devarakonda For The Latest Rowdy Wear & Its Price!

Young sensation Vijay Devarakonda knows how to cash in on his craze. Right after he got a lot of fame with 'Arjun Reddy', he started his own brand of clothing named 'Rowdy Wear'. As his popularity grew, so did the craze for this brand. Though the prices were high from the beginning, the latest offerings from Vijay's brand are receiving huge criticism.

The price tag for some of the jackets is around twenty-five thousand and some denim jeans are over fifteen thousand. Even a lot of high-class brands do not have such humongous rates and fans are questioning how anyone could buy such pricey outfits.

There are some people who are suggesting that Vijay needs to change his designer as soon as possible as some of the recent clothes are outright silly and no one can wear them in public. It seems like the crowd are not at all please with the high rates. The trolls and memes about the 'Rowdy Wear' are getting viral across social media. Let us see if Vijay and his team take that into consideration or not.
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