Why Did Kavitha Visit Bhagyalakshmi Temple?

Is the TRS feeling the principle of  'if you cannot defeat, make friends with the enemy'  is the best while dealing with the BJP? Political pundits feel that the TRS is adopting the same strategy these days.

The TRS is feeling the BJP heat these days. The BjP workers are upbeat and are enthusiastically participating in the party programmes. The party is going the whole hog for collecting funds for the Ayodhya Ram mandir. The BJP workers are actively participating in the fund raisers and are going from house to house. This would help the party in winning over the voters. Unable to counter this, the TRS leaders too appear to have decided to join the bandwagon. The TRS leaders and workers too are joining the campaigns in several places. By joining the fund collection drive, they can deflect the criticism and can make people believe in their Hindutwa credentials.

Recently, KCR's daughter Kavitha Kalwakuntla visited the Bhagyalakshmi temple near Charminar on the occasion of Sankranthi. This is the first ever visit by a TRS leader to the temple, which lies in the Old City. A visit to this temple could actually anger the MIM. But, the TRS feels that winning Hindu support is more important than losing Muslim support. That explains why Kavitha chose to visit Bhagyalakshmi temple.
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