Tehsildars In Telangana Have No Time For Duties

Who are the most harried employees in the Telangana government these days? No marks for guessing. They are the tehsildars. In the new dispensation, they have been asked to officiate as the joint registrars too. This means they will have to work in the department of land registration and ensure that everything goes fine in the Dharani portal.

When the Dharani portal was unveiled, the tehsildars were told that they should work for half of the day as the joint registrars and for the remaining half as tehsildars. But, in reality, they are forced to work as joint registrars throughout the day leaving no time to discharge their duties as tehsildars. Whatever little time they get is now being eaten up by video conferences, tele conferences and protocol programmes. As a result, the revenue and other administrative files are lying pending for days. In fact, they are unable to do anything as tehsildars.

Though they have petitioned to the government about this, the fund and staff-strapped Government has no ready answers or solutions to this problem. Ironically, the same government has thrust upon them a lot of other works and has given a deadline of just one month to show the results. 'Both are separate jobs and both are fulltime jobs. We cannot work as tehsildars while we officiate as registrars. As a result, there are several problems before us,' said a tehsildar.
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