Trs Game Plan In Raking Up Ayodhya Temple Issue

Are the statements by Korutla TRS MLA Kalwakuntla Vidyasagar Rao and senior leader Pidamarthy Ravi  on Ram Mandir at Ayodhya aimed at diverting attention from KTR's succession as CM? A section of the TRS feel that this is a clever strategy by the TRS boss to divert the topic from KTR's succession.

The comments on Ayodhya have helped divert attention from the internal politics of the TRS, insiders say. Soon after Vidyasagar Rao made this comment, the BJP and the Sangh Parivar organizations took up the issue, burnt his effigies and staged protests. The media too lapped up this issue and had given hours of debating space on TV channels. As a result, the people stopped talking about KCR's failures and KTR's possible ascension to the CM's seat.

There is only one major problem in this whole episode. The TRS leaders were to stop at criticizing the BJP and its campaigns. But, both Ravi and Vidyasagar Rao exceeded the brief and questioned the very basis of Hinduism and questioned the basic tenets. This was not as per the script. Pidamarthi Ravi raised totally unnecessary issues like Manu Smruthi and untouchability, which are wholly unnecessary. The TRS in fact wanted them to raise some key issues and divert the debate. Their purpose is now served. But, the only issue is whether the TRS is in a position to counter the charge that it is anti-Hindu.
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