There is no need for doubting COVID-19 vaccine efficacy: Amit Shah

The Union government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a massive Coronavirus vaccination drive on the 16th of January to curb the Coronavirus infections.

However, the opposition Congress and several others have raised their concerns over the safety and efficacy offered by the Covid-19 vaccines approved for the vaccination drive in the country.

Amid growing criticism over the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, Union Home Minister Amit Shah lashed out at the vaccine critics and said there is no need to doubt COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.

Amit Shah was in Guwahati on Saturday to attend a ceremony that was held to extend the benefits of Ayushman CAPF, a scheme launched for the armed police forces in the country.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Home Minister slammed the critics who are questioning the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines and said it's not appreciable to politicize public health.

Adding further, Amit Shah said some people are spreading misinformation and inculcating fear in the public mind over the vaccines. This is not the right time, we can have a duel on another platform.

Amit Shah has distributed the 'Ayushman CAPF' health cards for the armed forces at the event and urged them to get vaccinated with the vaccines against Coronavirus when their turn comes.

The Home Minister cleared all the airs on the efficacy of the vaccines and said, the vaccines developed in India that were approved for vaccination drive were fully safe and there is no doubt in that.

All the personnel in the armed forces will be vaccinated against Coronavirus in the country after the health workers and frontline warriors will be vaccinated.

'The Ayushman CAPF aims at giving health insurance for the personnel of the seven Central police forces. The insurance can be claimed in 14,000 private hospitals and 10,000 state-run hospitals across the nation,' Amit Shah said.
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