Viral Video: Two men brutally thrash a puppy and paralyze it

In a most heart-wrenching incident, two men brutally thrashed a Dog puppy without mercy. The monsters recorded the inhuman act of trashing the innocent soul in their phones.

The shocking video went viral on social media. Several animal lovers and animal welfare associations condemned the incident and demanded the concerned authorities to bring the culprits before the law.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name Senthil Kumar shared the video of the bizarre incident and requested the users to share the post to trace the puppy and catch hold of the monsters.

"Heights Of Inhumanity Act.Location is suspected to be somewhere in Vijayawada ( AP ). Share this to trace puppy & catch hold of these monsters who showed NO mercy & Brutally harmed helpless puppy just to make video on (Josh) App," the post reads.

In the tweet, he has tagged Anchor Rashmi Gautam, Bollywood Actor John Abraham and PETA India's activist Meet Ashar.

In another tweet, Senthil said, the location was identified as Haailand Park Mangalagiri Town between Guntur-Vijayawada and FIR has been registered by the HAS local team. However, the puppy was not spotted.

Recently, a group of men killed a Gangetic dolphin, a rare species by beating it to death in Sharda canal waters near a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh.
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