US Administration will not bear President's expenses during the tenure

As per the rules, the government takes care of the expenses of the head of the government during their tenure as they render their services to the nation. Several nations follow the same rule and procedure.

However, the superpower nation United States won't follow the rule. The United States President should take of their expenses during their tenure in the White House and the administration won't bear such expenses.

Taking the power and place the United States of America enjoys in the world, among the superpower nations into consideration, it's quite surprising to know that the serving Presidents should take care of their expenses during their tenure.

Well, the tradition of serving US Presidents bearing their expenses is not a new module. The tradition has a history of more than 200 years.

The tradition of Presidents bearing their own expenses was started by former President John Adams, who served as the second President of the United States from 1797 to 1801.

John Adams, who took the office from the first US President George Washington in 1797 inaugurated the White House and moved into the official residence on November 1, 1800.

John Adams, who moved to the presidential mansion started taking care of his expenses like paying salaries of his security, with the federal government not showing any interest to bear the expenses.

The third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson who made it to the White House in 1801 followed the same tradition of bearing his own expenses and his successors too followed the same tradition.

The tradition has been followed for more than 200 years. In some instances, a few First Ladies raised their voices against the tradition and demanded that the rules should be changed according to the times.

However, the concerns raised by the First Ladies didn't bring any change in the way the White House is operated.

According to the information, the serving United States President gets an annual salary of $400,000 during their tenure. In addition to the salary, the President will get an allowance of $50,000.

It is said that the salary and allowance the Presidents get during their tenure will not be sufficient to meet the expenses in the White House, which in turn makes the Presidents leave the White House with debts.

The case of outgoing President Donald Trump is different. Unlike many of the Presidents, Trump is a business tycoon and is rich enough to take care of his expenses in the White House.

The US President-elect Joe Biden, who will take over the White House soon will also have to manage the expenses with the salary he receives. Let us wait and see how he fares in cost management.
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