Over 5,000 drunken driving cases booked by Cyberabad traffic police in 2 weeks

The drunk and drive program started by the Cyberabad cops in the Cyberabad limits before New Year's eve has been going on without a break to curb the Drunk and Drive cases.

It is said that in a span of 17 days not less than 5,830 'Drunk and Drive' cases were registered by the Cyberabad cops, which is said to be the highest for any commissionerate limits in the state.

Out of the 5,830 drunken driving cases registered by the cops,  2,351 cases were registered in December alone. New Year ever saw a rise in the drunken driving checkups and cases as well.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner Vishwanath Channappa Sajjanar, popularly known as VC Sajjanar urged the people to not drive vehicles after taking alcohol.

He said the Drunken drive check-ups will be conducted for a few more months and the offenders will not be spared at any cost.

"A penalty of Rs. 10000 and or imprisonment of up to 6 months for the first offence and a penalty of Rs. 15000 and or imprisonment of up to 2 years for the second offence will be imposed," he said.
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