Lyrical Video: A Funky Rap Song From 'Zombie Reddy'!

Talented young director Prasanth Varma is coming up with a zombie thriller titled 'Zombie Reddy'. The teaser which released a few weeks back got a very good response from the audience. The film mixed the zombie genre into factionism and added the Coronavirus element too.

The makers have now come up with a new song from the movie called 'Go Corona'. It is a pretty trendy rap song with a catchy tune. The lyrics are quite interesting and relatable. Mark K Robin produced the music and arranged it while MaMa Sing was the rapper. Singers Anudeep and Srikanth gave their vocals too. The song is good overall and the team invited the enthusiasts to be a part of the film by doing the hook step and uploading it with '#DanceWithZombieReddy'.

Produced by Raj Sekhar Varma, 'Zombie Reddy' is releasing in theatres worldwide on 5th February. Teja Sajja is playing the main lead while Anandhi and Daksha are the female leads. The film has a lot of noted actors like Raghu Babu, Prudhvi Raj, Getup Srinu, Harshavardhan, Hemanth, Hari Teja, Kireeti, Mahesh Vitta, Adhurs Raghu and others.

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