Superstar Mahesh Babu Saves One More Little Kid's Life

Mahesh Babu is undoubtedly a superstar with a golden heart. Besides his celluloid successes, the star actor is an active humanitarian who doesn’t publicize his philanthropy works. The Khaleja actor helps people in need, and once again, he saved the life of a young kid who was suffering from heart disease.

From the last four years, the star couple Mahesh and Namrata has helped over a thousand kids. They have sponsored pediatric heart operations of many children by teaming up with Andhra Hospitals to carry out the ambitious mission.

Sharing photos of the kid, Namrata Shirodkar penned a heartfelt note which deserves people's attention. "Yet another incredible recovery. Happy to hear that Shaik Rihan who underwent surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot is now discharged. Prayers for his continued good health. Heartfelt thank you to the healthcare experts of Andhra Hospitals!#MBForSavingHearts," she wrote.

After this surgery, the total count of lives saved by Mahesh Babu is 1020 as per a report. The parents of the child have specially thanked the actor and the Hospital team for saving the life of their child.
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