Prof. Nageshwar desperate to shed pro-TRS image?

He is a fine analyst and a fiery TV commentator. As a professor, he is the darling of the students. But, all these do not seem to be helping former MLC Prof. Nageshwar. He is very much in the fray as an independent, but, there is a buzz that he is actually a proxy for the ruling TRS. There is a strong buzz that the TRS will put up a dummy candidate in the graduates constituency MLC election fray and that it will transfer its votes to Prof. Nageshwar.  The aim is to ensure that the BJP does not get elected to the council again.

Despite several attempts, Prof Nageshwar is unable to wipe off this stigma. But, he is not criticizing the TRS either. The more he is silent on the TRS, the more the suspicion about him. Also, the BjP is fully exploiting this and is campaigning against Prof. Nageshwar. It is claiming that a vote to Prof Nageshwar is a vote to the TRS by proxy. Further, the voters are also asking uncomfortable questions about his belief in Communism. The voters are questioning him about the anti-Hindu attitude of the Communists.

To wipe off this allegation, Prof Nageshwar recently held a zoom meeting with a Ramakrishna Mutt swami. But, even that appears to have boomeranged. His attempts to paint Hinduism in his own colour did not go well with the people. He is now forced to make confessions that the online meeting was not an election campaign strategy. He is now trying to call up people to give his version, but there appear to be not many takers for his argument.
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