TRS on a survey spree for Nagarjunasagar

Surveys …. That's the buzzword in the ruling TRS these days. The party is getting surveys done at regular intervals. In fact, survey after survey is being done in the TRS on Nagarjunasagar. Coming as it is in the wake of back-to-back defeats in both Dubbak and the GHMC, it desperately trying to win Nagarjunasagar. So, it is trying to gauge public mood by getting surveys done almost on a daily basis.

Now it is clear that the Congress will have a reddy candidate, while the BjP is banking on the BCs. The TRS on the other hand is still undecided. The party is commissioning surveys to zero in on the right caste mix. There are three names before the TRS boss. They are loyal TRS workers MC Koti Reddy, influential leader Gaddmapalli Ravindra Reddy and sitting MLC Tera Chinnapa Reddy. But, all of them are from the same community and there are doubts as to whether they would be able to take on the might of Jana Reddy, who has deep roots and wide connections in the constituency.

Deceased MLA Nomula Narsimhaiah's son Bharat too is a strong contender. But, Dubbak experience where Solipeta Ramalinga Reddy's wife was defeated, is dissuading them from choosing Bharat. Sources say tribal leader Ramachandru Naik is also being preferred. Naik is from Lambada tribe and there are considerable number of lambadis in the constituency. Unable to decide, the TRS top brass is getting surveys done on a daily basis to ascertain the people's mood.
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