At last, WHO's experts team reach Wuhan to trace pandemic origin!

More than one year after the novel Coronavirus left a heavy toll on the world by spreading to more than 200 nations, a team comprising of experts from the global health agency World Health Organization(WHO) reached the Wuhan Province finally.

A team comprising of 13 experts arrived in Dragon country China on Wednesday. Upon reaching their swab samples have been sent for Covid testing and the test reports are awaited.

As per the Covid-19 protocols they are placed under quarantine at a private hospital. After they complete the quarantine period of two weeks, the officials will go ahead with their work.

Before going into the quarantine facility, the WHO expert committee met the concerned officials in China. The experts wore hazmat suits when they met the Chinese officials.

The ongoing Coronavirus was first detected at a wet market in the Wuhan Province of China in late 2019. Later, the virus has spread from one country to the other since then.

Everything around the world came to a standstill and the world economy turned upside down. Several industries and sectors went through some of the worst times due to the pandemic outbreak.

Leaders like Donald Trump have held the World Health Organization(WHO) responsible for not taking strict action against the Dragon country China. Trump even stopped giving funds to WHO too.
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