Even Police and Corona couldn't curb Cockfightings

Days before the Sankranthi festival, the Andhra Pradesh High Court issued directives to the police department to take the required preventive measures to curb the cockfighting and activities related to it.

Crime Inspection Department (CID) has also kept a close vigil to see that cockfighting events are not conducted in Andhra Pradesh during the festive season.

However, all these didn't stop the organizers from conducting cockfighting events in the state and the spectators rushing to the events.

Forget about the High Court orders, even the Coronavirus fear failed to stop the public to gather in a large number for the cockfighting events held in Godavari districts, Guntur, and Krishna districts.

According to the information, the cockfighting events were held in Godavari districts, Guntur, and Krishna districts as usual without any issues, and the cops remained a mere spectator.

It is also said that, some of the leaders from the ruling YSRCP from the Godavari districts, famous for cockfightings which forced the police to remain silent without taking action.

The cockfights are going on in full swing reportedly in Bheemavaram and Eluru and the events are enjoying a huge response from the visitors.

With the landlords and big farmers getting directly involved in these cockfighting activities, even the authorities are said to be in a mood to not take risks by taking action against the events and organisers.
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