Donald Trump to leave office as most disliked President?

The violent rampage in the Capitol that has shocked the United States continues to haunt the outgoing United States President Donald Trump. He is still facing the wrath of the rampage.

The House of Representatives voted to impeach him from the White House. What's even more shocking is, ten of the representatives from the Republican party have also voted for his impeachment.

This makes the outgoing US President Donald Trump to be Impeached from the house twice, while he is the 4th President to be impeached in the history of the United States.

The issues like,   failure in tackling the Coronavirus pandemic and a speech that is said to have inspired violence at the US Capitol cost a high price for him.

To make things ugly for him, experts cite that the White House doors might be closed forever to Donald Trump, as he suffered impeachment two times from the House of Representatives.

It has been widely reported that the outgoing US President might be permanently banned from the  White House by banning him from contesting the United States Presidential elections.

After Twitter, Facebook Snapchat, and YouTube have temporarily suspended the accounts of Donald Trump. YouTube said the comment sections for videos in Donald Trump's channel was removed.
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