AP: Covid-19 Leaves A Heavy Toll On Cockfighting During Festive Season!

Sankranthi is one of the most famous festival seasons in Andhra Pradesh. The season starts with crop harvesting and making special sweet dishes that tickle the taste buds.  

Apart from this, cockfighting in Andhra Pradesh, especially, in the Govadari districts holds a special place in the festive season. Crores of money will be involved in various activities during the season.

Last year, the Andhra Pradesh High Court permitted the cock fightings for the festive season with a few restrictions and directed the police department to see that no violence takes place.

But this year, the festival season might not take place as usual. A series of problems like the Covid-19 outbreak and the High Court orders to curb cockfighting is raising questions about whether cockfighting will be held or not.

The Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) sleuths are keeping a close vigil in Andhra Pradesh to curb cockfighting and betting activities during the festival season.

Earlier, the officials have nabbed the cowherd operators, swordsmen, and poultry farmers, and Chicken knife makers and warned people to involve in cock fightings and gambling.

These developments have indirectly left a heavy toll on hundreds of families, directly and indirectly, involved in cockfighting and other activities related to chicken race and poker.
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