Troubled times for Bhuma family

The  famed Bhuma family is in deep trouble these days. Ever since former minister Akhilapriya has been caught in a kidnap case and was jailed, troubles are mounting for the family. At a time when the family members are moving heaven and earth to secure a bail for Akhilapriya, the political rivals back in Nandyal, Allagadda and Kurnool are doing everything they can to poach into their support base.

The rivals are trying to lure Bhuma followers into their fold. Already some followers were offered allurements in lieu for leaving the Bhuma group. Realising this, Akhilapriya's sister Mounika Reddy, who has till now camped in Hyderabad to secure bail for her sister, rushed back to Allagadda. She held an emergency meeting with the Bhuma supporters and told them that she would take care of their interests. She told them that this was a passing phase and that there was nothing to worry.

Meanwhile, the Bhuma clan is deeply unhappy with the TDP. Neither the TDP boss nor his son Lokesh bothered to call on them. He did nothing to meet Akhilapriya. Not just that the party has virtually distanced itself from the whole arrest. Despite staying in Hyderabad, Chandrababu and Lokesh did nothing. If sources are to be believed, the Bhuma clan may leave the TDP very soon.
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