AP: Pastor arrested for his outrageous comments on Hindu Gods

The controversy and political temperature surrounding the series of attacks on the Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh continue to make noise with the attacks taking a political turn.

While the ruling party is trying to defend itself from the controversy by attributing the attacks to the opposition parties, the opposition parties are alleging the government's role behind the attacks.

Amid this backdrop, the Crime Inspection Department (CID) which has been probing into the spread of fake news and false news on social media has arrested a pastor for making outrageous comments.

In a viral video, a Paster, who goes by the name Praveen Chakraborthy claimed that he has vandalised some idols and even claimed that he has hit an idol with his leg which kick-started a controversy.

The CID sleuths arrested the controversial paster after a resident of Guntur, who goes by the name Lakshmi Narayana reached out to the branch alleging that Pastor is hindering the communal harmony.

The CID investigation in the infamous Ramateertham incident is underway. 21 accused have been arrested by the cops and more details are awaited.
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