Amid growing fear of bird flu spread, Centre issues advisory

When India seems to relax after bringing down the daily count of the fresh Coronavirus infections, the bird flu virus has made its way into India in late December 2020.

Since the outbreak, the bird flu virus caused by the H5N8 strain has spread to more than seven states. Due to this, thousands of birds, mostly poultry birds have died.

This tense situation forced the union government to issue advisory for the states to contain the spread of the ongoing bird flu crisis.

The centre asked the states to keep a close vigil on the bird's movements and report to the centre if they come across any unusual deaths in the birds in the forest areas.

In the official press release, The Secretary, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India called for effective coordination from the states to bring the situation under control.

Amid the rapid spread of the bird flu virus in seven states, the Centre directed the affected states to make the required arrangements to cull the birds infected with bird flu.

The bird flu virus has hit Madhya Pradesh very hard as Kadaknath chickens, famous chicken that are supposed to be sent to former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's farm infected with the virus.

The Delhi government urged the public to not worry about the virus spread and asked them to not eat half-cooked chicken or half-cooked eggs as it could be risky.

The Ministry of Environment rubbished the reports of human transmission of the virus and claimed that there is no evidence to prove that humans can be infected if consumed contaminated poultry products.
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