Photostory: Renu Desai Captures A Priceless Moment Of Pawan With His Kids!

There is nothing more precious in the world than having to spend your time with your kids no matter who you are either a paperboy or the President of India. Here is one such priceless moment shared on social media by Renu Desai.

She posted a picture of her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan holding his two kids Adya and Akira in an affectionate manner while they are sleeping in his arms peacefully. She wrote, 'Certain beautiful photographs have to be shared, they can't just stay in the photo album of your phone.. Some rare moments captured by me on my phone camera.'

The black and white photo looks absolutely beautiful and heart-warming to say the least. This is the best click to depict a father's love towards kids and the sense of protection and security kids feel in the arms of their father. The click is currently going viral on social media. Take a look at it!
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