Is It Correct To Blame Hyderabadis For Less Vote Percent In GHMC Elections?

The recently conducted municipal elections in the Greater Hyderabad division started with a poor start. During the initial hours of voting, only a 4.2 voting percentage was recorded. The voting percent picked up slowly.

According to the reports, the GHMC elections recorded a voting percentage of 45.71 percent. The voting percentage increased slightly compared to the previous elections, 2016. 45.27 percent of votes were polled in the previous elections.

Social media is flooded with memes and jokes blaming the Hyderabadi voters for not stepping out to cast their votes. Even the media channels are outlets have found fault with the vote percentage.

The vote percent has gone up by 0.44 percent in the local body elections this time. Though the increase in vote percent is not that good, one has to understand the issues responsible for this.

The pearl city Hyderabad can be compared to America. Both are the lands of opportunities. Like how America enjoys a good share of the population from other countries, Hyderabad also has a good share of the population from other states.

Out of the 10 Million population in the city, the lion share of people doesn't have a vote right here. They come from neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and other states.

When the country went for the nationwide lockdown, Andhra families living in the pearl city went back to their native places in Andhra Pradesh and other places. The other reasons like IT professionals not given leave to cast their votes could be cited as reasons for the less vote percentage.
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