Flight Attendant Creates Uproar By Offering Sexual Services Between Flights!

A flight attendant has created quite a stir by offering paid sexual services between flights. She posted the offers on her Facebook page by uploading pictures of her in a bold avatar. This development pushed the aviation industry to the middle of the controversy.

Going into details, a steward who is believed to be working with British Airways took to her Facebook and offered sexual services. In the pictures, the air hostess flaunted her legs and feet.

Reports claim that the flight attendant in her blog posts revealed that she offers one to one personal offers and sells her undergarments for extra income. She fixed the price for her undergarments too.

'To meet me, you have to pay 50-pound sterling as a securing fee. Based on the requested meet, prices will vary. There will be no negotiation in the price list. The meet will take place in London if I have booked a hotel,' one of her posts read.

With these posts created an uproar, the unidentified flight attendant deleted posts related to sexual offers from her Facebook page.

The controversy created by the Stewardess forced British Airways to call for a probe into the alleged sexual offer row. A case has been filed in this regard and an investigation is underway.

A spokesperson of British Airways condemned the incident. We expect our colleagues to behave with the highest standard. We condemned this. The investigation is underway to find out the Stewardess.
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