Hyderabad Police Special Operation For Rohingyas

The Hyderabad police have focused on the Rohingya issue, which has become controversial in the GHMC elections. Police are investigating the voter IDs of Rohingyas as opposition parties alleged that the MIM and TRS government have enlisted the Rohingyas into the voter list for political benefits.

The officials are collecting information on Rohingyas, who are living in camps under the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda Commissionerates where the Greater Elections are being held. In Hyderabad, Rohingyas are residing in camps in Balapur, Barkas, Pahadi Shareef and other places. According to official figures, nearly 5-6 thousand Rohingyas are staying in the city. Information that the number of those staying informally may also be higher.

About 300 people have recently arrived in Hyderabad from Kashmir, police said. Recent investigations by special teams have revealed that there are hundreds of people who stay in the camps and do not enter the details in the biometric. The UNHRC will issue refugee identification cards to those staying in the Balapur, Barkas and Pahashisharif camps.

Vigilant officials of the three commissionerates were tasked with identifying Rohingyas who had voter IDs with a fake identity. For this, the superiors sent special teams to the field. Several Rohingyas with illegal voter cards were identified and their voter cards confiscated. Authorities are still gathering information on how many people have voter cards.
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