Y.V. Subba Reddy Gives Clarity On Ghat Road Rumours

The Nivar cyclone showed a heavy impact in Tirupati and surrounding areas. Due to heavy rains,  the rainwater was flooded in Temple surroundings and cliffs on Tirumala Ghat Road were broken. Reacting to this, TTD closed the walkers' path on account of the danger of landslides. TTD personnel took supportive measures from time to time to ensure no disruption to travel.

Some, however, resorted to false propaganda against TTD. They alleged that TTD has officially closed the walkers' path and unofficially closed the Ghat Road.

TTD chairman YV Subbareddy was outraged with these baseless comments and pleaded that the Tirumala Ghat road was fully conducive to travel and asked not to believe any rumours.

Subbareddy, who held a meeting of the governing body in Tirumala, released a white paper on TTD assets. He revealed the details of agricultural and non-agricultural assets sold by TTD since 1974.

According to the document, TTD owns about 1,128 assets in the form of both agricultural and non-agricultural lands aggregating 8,088.89 acres. Details of the remaining assets are made available on the website.
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