Prakash Raj Counter For Nagababu's Political Comments

It looks like a war of words has erupted between popular film stars Prakash Raj and Mega Brother Nagababu. It all started when Prakash Raj stoked a controversy by calling Pawan Kalyan a "chameleon" against the backdrop of Jana Sena Party's alliance with the BJP in upcoming GHMC polls.

Responding to this, Nagababu jumped into a verbal fight with the veteran actor and countered him saying Prakash Raj is a cultureless man. He said Prakash Raj's useless politics were revealed by Subrahmanya Swamy's debate and he was exposed mercilessly. Nagababu also backed Pawan Kalyan's decision of supporting BJP by saying decisions in politics would change from time to time by keeping the wider prospects of the people in the mind.

Now, Prakash Raj has also responded to Nagababu's counter. He took to his Twitter handle and posted, " I can understand your love for your younger brother. You should understand the love I have for the country. I can speak Telugu but I can not speak your language." Prakash Raj with his sophisticated response has pushed Nagababu into self-defence. It remains to be seen how the Mega Brother reacts to Prakash Raj's statements.
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