TDP Fearing To Go For AP Assembly Winter Sessions!

The much anticipated Winter session of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly is likely to be conducted from Nov 30. The sessions are believed to be conducted for five days.

On the other hand, media reports claimed that the opposition Telugu Desam Party(TDP) is fearing the upcoming Assembly sessions for two obvious reasons. It is beloved that, the party would also boycott the sessions.

One reason for TDP's fear is losing its lawmakers. The last time when the state had Assembly sessions, Gannavaram MLA Vamsi Vallabhaneni had disputed with the TDP and to much embarrassment to the party, he openly supported the ruling YRSCP.

Weeks after the sessions, Maddali Giridhara Rao and Karanam Balaram shifted their loyalty to the YSRCP reducing the strength of the Telugu Desam Party in the Assembly.

Reports claimed that the leaders who belong to Vizag and nearby constituencies are not happy with TDP's stand on three capitals' demand. The party is worried about going to Assembly sessions more leaders would bid goodbye to the party.

One more trouble the TDP is facing is how about targeting the ruling party over the issues in the state. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the focus is on the pandemic and the measures tpo tackle. The other issues in the state went sidetrack. Now all the eyes are on the opposition party and how the party will prep for the sessions.
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