Filmmakers Line Up For 'Color Photo' Fame Suhaas!

The lockdown period brought a lot of damage to the film industry but the only good thing to come out of this is the emergence of fresh talents. Suhaas is one such actor who earned a lot of appreciation with his recent release 'Color Photo'. The film met with a positive response and everyone is loving it. It was the natural and moving performance of Suhaas which impacted the film a lot.

Suhaas acted in numerous short videos and short films in 'Chai Bisket' before making his foray into films. He acted as the hero's sidekick in a couple of films like 'Dear Comrade', 'Majili', 'Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya' and others. His journey from Youtube to big screen has been an inspiration to many aspiring actors. There is still a lot more to achieve for him and after 'Color Photo', he is receiving a lot of film offers.

While he mostly worked with his close mates from Chai Bisket till date, the choice of his films now is going to determine his future. Hope he makes wise choices and becomes successful in Tollywood.
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