India's Cartosat 2F Made A Close Pass With Russian Kanopus-V Spacecraft In Orbit

In a rather shocking development, India's remote sensing satellite CARTOSAT-2F has approached Russia's earth observation satellite (Kanopus-V) in the earth orbit on Friday.

Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, confirmed the same on its official Twitter handle. It said at 01:49 UTC on November 27, the Indian satellite came very close to the Russian satellite.

'On November 27 at 01:49 UTC, the Indian CARTOSAT 2F satellite weighing over 700 kg dangerously approached the Russian Kanopus-V spacecraft. The minimum distance between the Russian and foreign satellites was 224 meters. Both spacecraft are designed for Earth's remote sensing,' Roscosmos's tweet read.

With the satellites of India and Russia coming very close at a distance of 224 meters in the orbit, the space agencies of both nations have closely watched the developments,.

However, the reason for the near-collision is not known yet. The experts wondered how come the space agencies of the respective countries permitted the satellite to come so close.

Roscosmos making the information on near collision with the Indian satellite public on the microblogging site Twitter raised many questions, including why did Russia, which has friendly relations with India disclose the info.
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