After Prakash Raj, Tamil Media Too Targets Pawan Kalyan

Actor-turned-politician Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan started his political career with a big flop show. He lost the 2019 general elections poorly. He lost from two constituencies he contested.

Since then, he has been taking confusing decisions. One thing that opponents and critics often target him is his confusion in politics. His confusion is gaining him a reputation as a bad politician.

Now the Tamil media has also targeted Powerstar. A leading daily in Tamil Nadu called Pawan Kalyan as a confused politician. This left Janasainiks in a state of embarrassment.

In a column, the leading Tamil Daily referred to Pawan Kalyan as a confused politician by attributing his decision to not contest in GHMC elections even after some candidates have filed their nominations.

Adding further, the daily said for the 2014 elections, Pawan Kalyan hailed Narendra Modi as a great leader. After the elections, he alleged that NDA has cheated the Andhra People.

Again he joined the NDA as an alliance in Andhra Pradesh. The daily lashed out at Pawan for calling himself a person with revolutionary thoughts and changing his stance after joining hands with BJP.

The other day, Prakash Raj has also target Pawan Kalyan over his confusion. Forget about criticizing, the actor-director compared Pawan Kalyan with a Chameleon.
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