How Modi Robbed KCR Of Photo-Op?

The TRS is mightily disappointed over the Prime Minister setting aside protocol during his visit to Hyderabad on Saturday. The TRS has planned a massive rally on Saturday and Modi too is coming on the same day. The TRS wanted to use PM's visit by saying that the PM has deliberately chosen to visit Hyderabad to tie down the Chief Minister ahead of his public meeting. The TRS has planned to publicise that the BJP has used no less a person than the PM to thwart TRS meeting.

But, a clever PM has indicated that there was no need for the CM to come to the airport to welcome him and accompany him to the Shanta Biotech, where the PM will review the progress of the research into Covid vaccine. By keeping KCR away, Modi is denying a photo-opp to the former. Not just that the media attention too would be divided between Modi and KCR. Both ways, it's a loss to KCR. The coverage for TRS meet would be reduced.

Now in the event of KCR's rally flopping, the TRS cannot blame the protocol of CM attending on the PM. Chief secretary, the DGP, local district collector and two other officials will only receive the PM.

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