Fake news becomes a potent weapon in GHMC poll war

The social media has become a very important element in the electioneering in the GHMC polls. The TRS, which was rattled by the fake news of Congress candidate Cheruku Srinivas Reddy of joining the TRS, has learnt the lesson hard and is now quite alert in the GHMC elections.

Both the TRS and the BJP are using social media extensively and have dedicated teams working for social media propaganda. Both the parties are competing in countering another. Even fake news is also being peddled in a big way . Sources say that most of the fake news is emanating from abroad. The supporters of both the parties are creating fake news through fake accounts and are circulating them on the social media. These fake news reports are going viral in no time. Even if a complaint is lodged, the police are not in a position to probe into them.

Soon after the Rs 10000 flood relief distribution was stopped, a fake news emanated on the social media claiming that BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay has written to the Central Government seeking stoppage of relief.  Sanjay had lodged a complaint with the cyber police and sought action on the culprits. Similarly, there was another fake tweet in the name of Goshamahal's BJP MP Raja Singh, wherein he was claimed as saying that Bandi Sanjay should be removed from the party chief post as he is working against his interests.  Another fake tweet said the national leadership of the BJP has removed Bandi Sanjay from the campaign in GHMC and replaced him with Union Minister Kishan Reddy.

Pro-BJP trolls too are not taking things lying down. They are also coming up with several memes, trolls, comments and even fake news to counter the TRS. In fact, they have produced content that claimed Harish Rao criticising KCR's ways. Soon it was proved as a fake troll. With just few more days left for the campaign, the fake news is all set to flood the social media.
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