These many Indians To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine Once It Is Rolled Out!

The vaccine trials in India for the novel Coronavirus have reached the third stage. This development is giving hopes of vaccine to cure the pandemic to roll out in three to four months.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired an online meeting with the Chief Ministers of eight worst-affected states with the Covid-19 outbreak. He asked the CMs to work on cold storage facilities and draw plans on supplying the vaccine to the very low level.

Now it is believed that the concerned authorities are making all the required arrangements to see that once the vaccine gets rolled out, nearly 25-30 crore Indians get vaccinated.

In the first wave of vaccine distribution, the frontline workers and healthcare workers will be given the topmost priority to get the vaccines to cure the respiratory disease.

If we have to take anything from the media reports, the national vaccine committee on Covid-19 constituted by the union government has identified the categories which have to be given priority in vaccine distribution.

Once the vaccine is rolled out, Healthcare, frontline workers, and citizens in the countries above the age group of 65, the age group of 50-65 years, and then the people below the age group of 50 with chronic disease, will be prioritized, reports claimed.

It has to be noted that Minister of Health and Family Welfare Harsh Vardhan earlier this month said that the Government aims to give vaccinations to 30 crore Indians by August-September 2021
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